Portrait of Ryan Lawson in an orange sweater.

Ryan Lawson, LLC, is a multi-faceted interior design firm founded in 2005 in New York City.

Interested in art and design from a young age, Ryan studied both architecture and painting at Washington University in St. Louis before going on to start his eponymous firm.

His studies and his experience influence all his work - crafting beautiful, comfortable, and dynamic interiors for residential, commercial, and retail projects across the United States and Canada.

His process is guided as much by his clients’ wishes as by his knowledge of contemporary and modern art, his curiosity about and understanding of the history of design, and his playful but skillful combination of materials.

Whether working with clients to curate their collections, creating custom furniture, lighting, and carpets for private residences and real estate development, or designing retail spaces that speak to the ethos of their brands, he and his team are engaged from the most basic inception to the most minute detail.

The firm's work has been published widely and has become known for its sophisticated, layered interiors that convey a sense of having been collected and refined over many years but remain unexpected and relevant.

Ryan Lawson, LLC, was named to Architectural Digest's AD100 list for 2024.